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Clayton's Quest

Served as Team Lead with a group of 5 students.
Clayton's Quest is an open-ended exploration platformer featuring a complex player controller and multiple player transformations.

Tools: C# with Unity 5
Duties: Team Lead, programming the player controls and transformations.

Temple Curse: Dimension Puzzle

Selected to be presented at the PAX East 2016 and 2017 gaming expo.
Created for my Associate degree final project, Temple Curse: Dimension Puzzle is a game featuring many temples that completely change depending on which way you look at them. I recommend watching the example video to get a better idea.

The player can spin around the temple cubes as they move and jump around, allowing for some tricky, multidimensional platforming puzzles.

Tools: C# with Unity 5
Duties: Served as the sole programmer, creating the player controls, and created the multidimensional cube system.

Happy Canada

Happy Canada is PC and smartphone action-clicking game made for the 48-hour Global Game Jam. Rapidly click on the unhappy citizens of Canada to make them happy! Worked with a team of 4 programmers.

Tools: C# with Unity 5
Duties: Wrote a cross-platform input system to allow the other programmers to easily work with both mouse input and touchscreen, created the in-game items/powerups.

The Parade of Trades - Lean Construction Game

Created a 5-player online game for students in construction classes at the college, where they learn the basic concepts of Lean Construction through gameplay.

Tools: C# with Unity 5, Eclipse with Java, SmartFoxServer 2X
Duties: Worked with a designer, and handled the programming duties such as game logic and networking code.

Bradley Hospital Simulation Training

This is a room-searching simulation program made for the staff of Bradley Hospital, a neuropsychiatric hospital for children. It is meant to train the staff in their duty to search and remove contraband and harmful items from children's rooms. The game was created for my Serious Games class, and was demonstrated to hospital staff, where it earned excellent reviews.

Tools: C# with Unity 5
Duties: Created the item-spawning system, rotatable objects, intractable environment, and item counting/scoring algorithm.

AI Tetris

Created as the final project for my AI class, AI Tetris is a fully-playable Tetris game, as well as a Tetris-playing algorithm. I made a genetic algorithm to place each tetromino to clear rows as quickly as possible. Watch the example video to see it in-action.

Tools: C++, SDL2 library, Visual Studio 2015
Duties: Creating a fully-playable Tetris game, writing the genetic algorithm to position and rotate tetrominos.

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